Hello and welcome to The Principles of Pleasure! This is one of the first of what I hope to be many postings on how to help all of us become experts in the ways of pleasure. I do not claim to be an expert in the area, I just want to bring more of it into my own life, especially in the current state of things, and hopefully share with others.

We have been socialized to almost believe that giving to ourselves, to self-love, or to pamper ourselves is somehow selfish. What we can learn is that to seek pleasure for ourselves will make us a better spouse, parent, friend, employee, and an all-around better person. We can also learn that by bringing this philosophy into our own lives, we then bring it into the lives of those around us.

We all want to be healthy and live long, fulfilling lives. There is a way to achieve both. Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring. Feel free to send me any suggestions or tips you implement in your life.

Thanks for reading!

B.T.W, the amazing image for my header is by Rousse

Image for this post is by Antani77


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